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Research solutions

Brand awareness, visibility
and perception

We can help you better understand:

Are the people you want to target aware of your brand?
What does it mean to them?
How can you increase its visibility?

With a strong understanding of these issues, you can:

Ensure a more effective strategy against your competitors
Pinpoint untapped market share
Effectively target your marketing communications

This type of research can also be combined with an advertising effectiveness project.

Hot Topic research

Do you want to find out what professionals in your market think of a topical issue and position your brand as a thought leader at the centre of the debate?

You can achieve both of these objectives with our Hot Topic research package. We research the views of the audience and results are written up in a leading industry publication, in association with your brand. For more information, please click on the slides below to enlarge them.


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Research audiences in the following business sectors:

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• Aerospace • Agriculture • Banking
• Chemicals • Hairdressing • Optical
• Personnel • Property • Science
• Social Care