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Customer and employee satisfaction

Customer satisfaction

What attributes of customer experience are most important to your target audience?
How well do you perform on these attributes?
How loyal are your customers?

Customer satisfaction research explores how your business performs on attributes such as price, product range, quality and ongoing support. It can be tailored to your requirements and will include clear recommendations for where you should target your efforts in order to improve the customer experience you offer.

Employee satisfaction

How happy are your employees across different divisions?
Are they likely to recommend your business as a place to work?
What could you do to improve employee satisfaction and motivation?

You’ve no doubt spent a lot of time recruiting the right people to drive your business forward, but retaining talented people can be difficult. Understanding how satisfied and motivated they are is a crucial part of any retention or human resources strategy.

Click on the slides below to find out more about what customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction research can deliver for your business.

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Research audiences in the following business sectors:

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• Aerospace • Agriculture • Banking
• Chemicals • Hairdressing • Optical
• Personnel • Property • Science
• Social Care