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Research solutions

Website optimisation

We can help you better understand:

What does your target audience think of your website?
How can you deliver a good user experience whilst meeting business objectives?
What improvements will encourage repeat visitors and maximise lead conversion?

With a strong understanding of these issues, you can:

Enhance the user experience of your website
Increase traffic through user loyalty and recommendations
Meet the business objectives you have for your website

Many of our clients need a simple overview of how well their website is working from a user experience perspective and where it could be improved.

The website heath check report we offer tells you exactly that in an easy-to-read format including a traffic light system, user experience checklist and recommendations.We'll talk this through with you so that you have the opportunity to query us or explore any of our conclusions further. Click on the slides below to find out more about the report.

Alternatively you may be interested in more detailed usability feedback based on testing with your target audience. Contact us to discuss your requirements so we can create a bespoke solution.

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Research audiences in the following business sectors:

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• Aerospace • Agriculture • Banking
• Chemicals • Hairdressing • Optical
• Personnel • Property • Science
• Social Care